All creatives, URLs and tracking should always be secure (HTTPS). Banners need to be delivered for Adform.

Please see the Example banner. All HTML ads must follow this file structure. The easiest way to achieve this is to run the banner through Adform Studio here.

1. File
The HTML asset should contain a manifest.json file and an HTML file zipped together with images, scripts, and other material.

Please note that manifest.json and the HTML files should be in the root directory of the .zip file, not in the deeper directories. More info about file structure here.

The manifest.json file should define the ad dimension and the HTML file which should be used as a banner source

2. Click Counter
When producing an HTML banner it is important to implement the clickTAG variable to make the banner clickable.

The HTML file should include the Adfrom DHTML library which enables the banner to receive a clickTAG variable:

document.write('<script src="'+ (window.API_URL || ''+ Math.random()) +'"><\/script>');</script>

The clickTAG value, landing visitor to it, can be assigned to the banner by using the JavaScript code - Example here

If you need more information click here